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A Vision for MNA

You can also read the expanded version of A Vision for MNA, which expounds on each value and avenue.

Our Vision

Fall, 2017

Mission to North America exists to celebrate and share the gospel of Jesus Christ in the United States and Canada by coming alongside the local and regional church in church planting, church renewal and missional partnerships.

Our Core Values

Centrality of the gospel

The gospel is good news for those who believe, as well as those yet to believe, in the person and work of Jesus, who came to seek and save the lost.

Call to evangelism

Celebrating the gospel involves sharing it. To know Christ is to make him known. We share joyfully what we treasure deeply.

Power of prayer

Jesus calls us to abide in him, that we may bear much good fruit. We abide in Christ through prayer, pursuing his way, his life and his mission, rather than our own.

Unity and diversity of the church

We are one body in Christ, made up of many different members, with differing spiritual gifts, experiences, backgrounds, and endowments for ministry.

Multiplication of ministry

We pray and work for multiplication of ministry and gospel fruitfulness through leaders of leaders being identified, trained, mentored, and coached. We empower these leaders, pressing ministry down and out, which seems to be an approach our Lord favored and modeled for us.

Energy from clarity

Clarity brings energy. We seek to be clear about our vision and values, our avenues for ministry, and our ministry goals and objectives, all in submission to Scripture, praying for a Spirit-filled energy for the work ahead to flow from this clarity.

Our Avenues of Ministry

Church Planting

MNA seeks to connect meaningfully every PCA congregation to church planting (“every church a church planting church”), by encouraging the following steps:

  • To pray for church plants,
  • To give to church planting, locally and regionally, and in underdeveloped regions,
  • To join or form a church planting network (city-wide, presbytery/region, affinity group),
  • To launch a daughter church or additional worshiping site,
  • To become part of a church planting eco-system.

MNA will promote gospel unity and diversity in our church planting efforts as we:

  • Stay anchored to Scripture as our only rule of faith and practice, stay committed to the historic means of grace, and stay focused on making disciples of Jesus, shepherding them in the faith and equipping them for mission.
  • Raise up, recruit and send to the field many different kinds of church planters/church planting teams – multi-form in race and ethnicity, in socio-economic and educational background, in previous ministry experience, and in commitments to worship style and philosophy of ministry.
  • Mainstream and integrate our minority church planting initiatives into a coherent whole – a multi-ethnic church planting movement under multi-ethnic leadership at all levels.

Missional Partnerships

The cultural questions of our time seem not to be so much “What is true?” or “What is authentic?” but rather “What works?” and “What makes a difference in our world?” MNA’s missional partnerships become crucial in this sort of cultural moment. MNA seeks to come alongside the church in answering these sorts of questions, which both world and church may be asking, through these gospel initiatives in word and deed :

  • Where is the church when there is great physical and spiritual need after a disaster? (Disaster Response)
  • Where is the church for the alien and stranger among us? (ESL; Refugee & Immigrant Ministries)
  • Where is the church when there is radical racial injustice, inequity and tension on display? (Urban & Mercy Ministries)
  • Where is the church for those serving in our military, police force and as first responders and for their families? (Chaplain Ministries)
  • Where is the church for those in prison and their families? (Metanoia Prison Ministries)
  • Where is the church for those with disabilities and their families? (Engaging Disabilities)
  • How is the church expressing care and a prophetic voice in our centers of government? (Ministry to State)
  • How I can use my gifts, skills and experiences to make a difference? (Second Career)

Church Renewal

Renewal is a way of life for all Christians and all congregations. MNA seeks to provide a leading edge within the PCA to encourage gospel renewal as a way of life among our members, congregations, presbyteries and the entire denomination: renewal individually and collectively in our faith and repentance toward Christ; renewal in our first love for Jesus and his mission; renewal in vibrant worship; renewal in authentic community; renewal in fruitful witness; and renewal in other beautiful kingdom expressions, all because of the gospel of Jesus.

MNA, working in partnership with the other agencies of the PCA, will pray and labor to see our congregations become spiritually charged, magnetized with the gospel of Christ, so that we are not only houses of prayer for all the people groups of our cities, towns, and rural regions, but also gathering places for all kinds of people to come find forgiveness, rest, refreshment, and purpose in Jesus, who alone provides true hope and life. MNA will designate church renewal as a third major expression of ministry, like a third leg for a stool, so that church renewal stands alongside church planting and missional partnerships in how we go about our work.

In the pursuit of church renewal, MNA will:

  • Host prayer summits/gatherings for the renewing and reviving of the church, in partnership with other PCA agencies.
  • Connect for collaboration and synergistic effort the key leaders and groups who are active in pursuing church renewal within the PCA.
  • Offer resources – such as materials, conferences, coaching, cohort groups – on church renewal.
  • Establish and appoint MNA church renewal staff and subcommittee on church renewal.

Paul Hahn
MNA Coordinator

Updated on June 15, 2020

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