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A New PCA/PRCC Chaplain’s Report from the Field

chaplain preaching“… this is awesome work (being an Army Chaplain). The four leaders I work most closely with are my Commander,  my Executive Officer, my Command Sergeant Major and my Brigade Chaplain (my supervisor), and they are all very mature, professional, and talented leaders, and they’ve been ultra-supportive of my work with our paratroopers. I’ve also had the privilege of ministering to paratroopers in some of their darkest times. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to accompany many of our soldiers in day and night live-fire exercises, witness the raw magnitude of the combined air and land combat power we can deliver on our enemies, the sophisticated communication and planning necessary to make it happen, and the incredibly high caliber of leadership, commitment, courage, and willingness to sacrifice that makes our Army the very best in the world. And I’ve gotten to experience the fact that these bold warriors need their chaplains. Rarely have I seen quite the appreciation and gratitude for Christian worship that I saw in a few soldiers who came to my field service a couple Sundays ago. It was like bringing food and water to starving people. But you get that feeling elsewhere as well. Just about everybody loves to see the chaplain, … and it’s fun to be the chaplain. Despite suffering a string of days in that last couple of weeks where I got just 2.5 hours of sleep a night, I’m the only one who’s specifically employed to remind these men and women of who they really are, why what they’re doing matters, and that there is a God in heaven who made them and everything else, that He reigns over them and everything else, that He has the power to silence any storm, and that He sent His Son to save sinners from their sins. In short, it’s a high privilege and a blessing to be here.”

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Updated on June 15, 2020

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