Chaplain Presentations

2014 PRCC Chaplain Training Presentations

PCA Chaplain Offers Seminar at the PCA General Assembly

Seminar Title: Homeward Christian Soldiers
Seminar Speaker: Jonathan Entrekin, TE, US Army Chaplain, Joint Base Lewis-McChord Warrior Transition Battalion, Washington
DCDate and Time: Tuesday afternoon (June 17, 2014) at 3:30 pm

Many of our service men and women have suffered moral injuries during their time in combat. This seminar will examine moral injury; its history, causes, symptoms, and why it is so prevalent right now among our veteran population. It will reveal why service members with moral injury struggle to return to churches where they were once active members. It will point out what our churches are currently doing that exacerbate the problem. And it will look Biblically, historically, and prescriptively at what the church should do to help heal these wounds.

Recent Audio Chaplain Reports from the Field

Four PRCC Chaplains gave brief ministry reports to PCA GA Commissioners recently at the PCA GA. We encourage you to listen to this audio presentation to get a taste of what is currently going on within the PRCC Chaplaincy.

Dr. Chuck McIlhenny was the plenary speaker for the 2014 Chaplain Training Event. Below are the audio recordings for the four presentations.

Downloading information and other listening options can be found here.

2013 PRCC Chaplain Training Presentations

Dr. Ron Gleason was the plenary speaker for the 2013 PRCC Chaplain Training Event in Greenville, SC June 16 – 18th, 2013. Here are his Note taking Outline and 5 audio messages.

2013 PRCC Chaplain Training Presentation Outline

For more listening and downloading options, click here.


2012 PRCC Chaplain Training Presentations

Below are audio recordings of three of our four presenters at the most recent PRCC Chaplain Training Event in Louisville KY.

Bruce Sidebotham

Cultural Stress in Stability Operations Among Muslims
Muslim Q&A
Clickable Flow Chart on Cultural Stress and Adjustment

RJ Gore

Changing Context of Preaching and Worship
Accompanying PowerPoint Slideshows:

Changing Context of Preaching and Worship Part 1
Changing Context of Preaching and Worship Part 2
Changing Context of Preaching and Worship Part 3

Jim Campbell

ADF DADT Presentation



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