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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PRCC?

The Presbyterian and Reformed Commission on Chaplains and Military Personnel is the organization that endorses the chaplains of 7 theologically-tied Reformed denominations. Go here to discover the details: “About the PRCC.” Chaplain Jim Carter is both the Director, MNA Chaplain Ministries for the PCA and the Executive Director of the PRCC.

What are the main responsibilities of the military chaplain and what skills are required?

Preaching, teaching and counseling are the chaplain’s primary tasks. To read about several examples of how our chaplains serve in these ways, go to our video at this link and hear some of them on the job. Click here to Request Chaplain DVD (free to PCA churches).

How many chaplains are there?

The PRCC currently endorses over 300 military chaplains and civilian chaplains..

Can you help me find a chaplain in my area?

To find a chaplain contact us at chaplainministries@pcanet.org and we will help.

What does it mean to be an endorsed chaplain?

The military and many civilian agencies require a chaplain to be an ordained member of a Department of Defense-approved denomination and have the endorsement of that denomination. Chaplain Jim Carter, is the PRCC chaplain endorser and liaison between the prospective chaplain’s presbytery (and therefore the PRCC) and the organization the chaplain serves.

How do I become an endorsed chaplain?

If you meet all the PRCC requirements for ordination and licensure, go to the “Military Chaplain Application” online, print it out, complete it and mail it to the address listed at the end of the application. With the application is a sample letter that would have to be completed by your presbytery chaplaincy committee saying they affirm your call to the chaplaincy. Once your application process is complete, our endorser submits an endorsement saying the prospective chaplain is indeed ordained and has the support of the Presbyterian Church in America

What is the Chaplain Candidate program?

All the Services (Army, Navy, Air Force) have offer an opportunity to learn about the Chaplaincy while in seminary. Chaplain Candidate is a part-time Reserve Officer who is enrolled in seminary as a full-time student. During one’s years in seminary he is provided several opportunities to be trained and also experience military life. After graduating from seminary, the candidate may apply for active, Reserve or National Guard chaplaincy. The candidate receives pay as a reserve military officer.

How do I know if I should apply as a Chaplain Candidate?

If you do not yet have your Masters of Divinity, you can only apply as a candidate. If this applies to you, contact us at chaplainministries@pcanet.org or call us at 678-386-4541 and we will help you determine your options.




Updated on June 15, 2020

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