Sponsor a Chaplain with Prayer

Dear Friend of Chaplain Ministries,

Thank you for requesting information about the Chaplain Sponsorship Program. I am grateful for your heart for our chaplains. MNA Chaplain Ministries is responsible for recruiting and sending chaplains into our institutions (military, Veteran Affairs hospitals, state and federal prisons, civilian hospitals, police forces, fire departments, retirement communities, hospice, college campuses, addiction treatment centers, industry and workplaces, etc.)

The primary purpose of the Church Sponsorship Program is to enlist prayer support for our chaplains. Since they do not have the privilege of ministering to an established congregation, they are not supported in prayer to the degree that is needed. Therefore, we enlist sponsoring congregations to support and remember the chaplain, his ministry and family, in prayer. The chaplain commits to providing the church with quarterly updates, with specific prayer requests. Our goal is to enlist three sponsoring congregations for each chaplain.

In addition to providing prayer support for our chaplains, we request that sponsoring congregations include MNA Chaplain Ministries in their annual budget; this is not a mandatory requirement to be a sponsoring congregation. Although chaplains receive their salaries from the institutions with which they are employed, they require the endorsement, training, prayer support, and encouragement of a denomination. That requires support staff, travel, supplies, and the publishing of the quarterly Guardian Prayer Calendar, etc.

This support is made possible through the gifts of individuals, churches, and presbyteries. We request that churches who support a chaplain in prayer also consider supporting MNA Chaplain Ministries financially with a gift of at least $150 per month ($1,800 per year) for each chaplain they support in prayer. Churches may want to consider supporting both a military and a civilian chaplain.

We keep our supporting churches informed of Chaplain Ministries through our quarterly publication, The Guardian Prayer Calendar. I believe you will be encouraged and blessed to read reports about, and prayer requests from, our chaplains. It is also available free of charge. Simply email us and request a copy.

We are currently offering a special Purple Star Certificate to churches who are Sponsoring at least one Chaplain, and who make a financial gift to Chaplain Ministries. To learn more about this opportunity, please go to this Purple Star Certificate link.

You might want to check to see if YOUR church already has a chaplain that you pray for. For more information on sponsoring a chaplain: How to Sponsor a Chaplain with Prayer Support

Again, I thank you for your inquiry and interest. If you would like additional information, please contact us by phone at (678) 825-1251 or by email: ChaplainMinistries@pcanet.org.

In Christ,

James R. Carter
Executive Director, PRCC,
and Coordinator, MNA Chaplain Ministries

Updated on December 29, 2020

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