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Child Protection Policy

The well-being of those to whom we minister, including the well-being and protection of children, is of the utmost importance in church development. In compliance with biblical directives, directives of the PCA General Assembly, and commonly accepted standards for those who work with children, the MNA Church Planter Assessment Center requires criminal background checks for all potential Assessment Center candidates. Your completion and return of the Assessment Application to MNA will signify your agreement with the statements below:

  • The need for accountability in this area personally.
  • Your responsibility in providing background screening, oversight and accountability for all volunteers and staff working with children in your present and future ministries.
  • Your responsibility as presbyters and as those in authority over other ordained people on their church staff.

A link to a third party background check provider is on the Assessment Application.

Our policy will be implemented as follows:

MNA Child Protection Policy Implementation

MNA Assessment Center

All applicants applying to the MNA Assessment Center and any other assessment formats offered currently or in the future by MNA will be required to submit to a criminal background check. Applicants’ permission for the background check will be given on the initial application required of all assessment applicants. If an applicant refuses to give permission their application process will stop until their permission is given. The deadline for return of the completed background check from the third party source used by MNA will be the same deadline given for the return of application materials; no further progress in the application process will be allowed until the background check is complete and deemed satisfactory. MNA will include the cost of the background check in the cost of Assessment.

MNA will not allow applicants to proceed in the application process if a background check determines any of these circumstances are found to apply:

An applicant has been found guilty of, is under indictment for, or has an outstanding warrant for any crime that is an offense against or a danger to children.

These crimes include, but are not limited to:

  • Bodily harm of another person
  • Solicitation
  • Public indecency
  • Possession of child pornography
  • Sexual assault
  • Incest
  • Sale, distribution, or display of harmful material to a minor
  • Child endangerment or abandonment
  • Kidnapping or unlawful restraint

All applicants must also voluntarily disclose circumstances which led to receiving probation or deferred adjudication on any criminal charges. Charges which have been dropped or dismissed due to lack of evidence, at the request of the victim, or due to technical or legal deficiencies must also be voluntarily reported.

MNA’s background check inquiry will be understood to be unrestricted and applies to instances of allegations of abuse or neglect of minors or other criminal activity without respect to current statutes of limitation for criminal charges of any kind.

For offenses which are not listed above, such circumstances as the conduct that led to the charge or conviction, length of time since charge or conviction, and applicant’s subsequent history will be carefully reviewed by MNA Senior Staff. An applicant will be allowed to proceed through the Assessment Center application process while the background review is done; however, they will not advance to a required review of their Assessment application materials until MNA Senior Staff are satisfied that due diligence has been done to determine that an applicant is fit to proceed.

As all findings are the result of public records, there is no expectation of confidentiality in these matters, and MNA is free to contact persons who may serve as character references for any applicant in an attempt to determine a proper course of action as it applies to the MNA Assessment Center or any future assessment formats offered by MNA. An applicant wishing to proceed will freely supply names and current contact information of people in a supervisory position or others who can bring clarity to the situation, affirm their rehabilitation, and confirm the matter appropriately settled. It is possible that any pending Assessment application will be deferred until such time.

Changes to these policies can be made at any time, and will be considered to be in effect immediately. A copy of this implementation policy will be provided upon request.

Updated on June 11, 2021

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