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The MNA video produced that tells the story we discussed can be seen by going to:

Here’s another Multiply video, Showing Mercy, that also deals with another church talking about the aftermath of this tornado: https://pcamna.org/episode/multiply/showing-mercy/

Check out Multiply at: https://pcamna.org/publications/multiply/

To sign up to get Multiply sent to your inbox: https://pcamna.org/signup/

Pablo Mazariegos’s video which focuses on the Auburn Hills trailer park

With us on this webcast were:

Don Baret had been a television producer for 30 years and is now in a second career on the senior staff at MNA.  He wears two hats at MNA – Media Producer and Assistant ESL Ministry Director.  Part of his responsibility includes MNA’s Multiply, that has just switched from a quarterly printed version to a monthly video version. dbaret@pcanet.org

Benjie Slaton is the church planter at Grace+Peace Church in the Chattanooga suburbs. Benjie and his wife Natalie have 3 teenage children. Before moving to Chattanooga in 2018, Benjie served as RUF Campus Minister at the University of Texas in Austin as well as on staff at All Saints PCA in Austin and Redeemer PCA in San Antonio. benjie@gracepeacechurch.org

See more about Grace+Peace in Ooltewah, TN at https://www.gracepeacechurch.org/

Eduardo Centurion is the Program Officer at the Maclellan Foundation Inc. Married to Joy and have 4 kids. Before working at Maclellan, he was the Community Outreach Director at New City Fellowship in Glenwood. Eddie emigrated from Paraguay to the US when he was 10. He is a member of Grace and Peace.  ecenturion2@gmail.com

Pablo Mazariegos is a Marriage and Family Therapist at the Family Justice Center in Chattanooga, TN. Pablo is originally from Guatemala and a deacon at New City Church, Eastlake. mazariegospablo@gmail.com

Nancy Booher is the ESL Ministries Director for Mission to North America, a position she’s held since its inception, 15 years ago. Her role is to help churches start and maintain healthy ESL Ministries that serve the nations that God has sent to our doorsteps.  Since the beginning of her position, her national team has helped over 500 churches of various denominations start ESL Ministries.  nbooher@pcanet.org

Check out MNA ESL Ministry’s website: https://pcamna.org/ministry/esl-ministries/

For more info on ESL training, see: https://resources.pcamna.org/resource/esl-ministries_eslevents/

MNA ESL video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-V85Vz-hUM8&feature=youtu.be

Pat Hatch has been working in various roles with refugees and immigrants for more than forty years.  Since 2014, she has been MNA’s Refugee and Immigrant Ministry Director, coming alongside PCA churches to help them to welcome, engage and develop authentic redemptive relationships with those from the nations whom the Lord has brought to their communities.  phatch@pcanet.org

Check out MNA Refugee and Immigration’s website:  https://pcamna.org/ministry/refugee-and-immigrant-ministry/

Here is a video entitled: What if Immigrants are the Answer to Our Prayers? – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZEYjAAKc94&feature=youtu.be

Attached is the Venn diagram Pat used in today’s webcast and a PDF 5 Ways to Strengthen Ties and Grow with Your City

Here is a link to Loving the Stranger Blog and a specific piece: “helping you build intercultural harmony one friendship at a time

Updated on January 21, 2021

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