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At MNA we know that you want to be sure that you have what it takes plant a healthy church.

In order to do that, you need clarity in your calling, assurance of your character, and affirmation of your competencies.

The problem is a lack of confidence which makes you feel doubt (Am I cut out for this?) and fear (Is my spouse with me in this? What will this do to my family?  Will people follow and fund us?)

We believe God works in and through his redeemed people – as flawed and afraid as we are – to be courageous church planters.

We’ve been in your shoes having had similar doubts and fears, which is why we provide the best church planter assessment possible for you, staffed with grace-filled experienced church planters and their spouses.

The MNA Assessment Center will bring clarity and confidence to your fitness for church planting.

Here’s how we do it: An Assessment Center is an intensive, multiple-day process validating information about candidates. Evaluation is done by observing behavior in exercises organized around a grid of church planting competencies to arrive at a single, global rating of church planter readiness.

We do not evaluate your call to ministry.  Most of you are experienced pastors.  We do not give out passing or failing grades.  We do give you our recommendation if church planting might be for you.  For some, it’s a green light to proceed immediately.  For others, it’s a yellow light believing that with some more clarity and strengthening of character or competencies you can eventually move forward with confidence.  And occasionally, it’s a red light believing that while you’re effective in ministry, church planting might not be the best fit for you.

Apply now for the Church Planting Assessment Center by contacting Jenny Dorsey.  She will walk you through the necessary steps on your journey towards church planting.

If you’re not sure you’re ready for assessment right now, please consider attending a Church Planter Readiness Seminar.  Contact Jim Hatch for dates and locations of upcoming seminars.  This is a “mini-assessment” to help you.

Our hope and prayer is that we can alleviate your doubts and fears by providing you the clarity, confidence and confirmation that you need to plant a healthy church.

Key Contacts:

Jenny Dorsey, Administrator of Assessment

Jim Hatch, Church Planting Readiness Seminars

MNA Assessment Center Schedule

Updated on May 25, 2022

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