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Susan, a pastor’s wife who had gone through a traumatic ministry season that resulted in her husband’s resignation, told another ministry spouse that her presbytery was paying for her to receive Parakaleo coaching as part of its care.  Susan’s friend, whose husband pastors in another denomination, exclaimed, “Wow—a denomination that actually values women!”

The stresses of ministry –which often include long hours, high expectations, loneliness, church conflict, and the spiritual weight of caring for God’s church—can wear on pastoral couples. Parakaleo comes alongside women in their ministry roles by providing coaching and training.

Are you ready to take the truths of the gospel to your own heart? The 4 day Basic Training provides a beautiful, safe space for women to retreat, learn, and return home with a new community of support and with tools to take the gospel to their own heart and to the hearts of others.

Parakaleo has reduced the price of Basic training to only $900. Co-founder Tami Resch says, “We are thrilled that, thanks to generous donors, we can serve the church planting family’s budget and/or the church budget with a lower rate. This especially helps participants who lose income from missed work days, or when the family needs to hire childcare in the mother’s absence during the training week.” Upcoming Basic trainings will be held in Orlando October 11-15.

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Updated on June 15, 2020

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