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Suggested Reading and Viewing – Native American/First Nations Ministry

Mission to North America (MNA) recommends the following books and articles for their insight into Native American history and culture. This recommendation does not imply agreement with or endorsement of the practices or beliefs of the authors.



1491 New Revelations of the Americas before Columbus by Charles C. Mann
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown
Chief Joseph and the Flight of the Nez Perce by Kent Nerburn
Chief Joseph by Bill Dugan
Children of the Indian Boarding Schools by Holly Littlefield (for children, very informative)
Custer Died for Your Sins by Vine Deloria, Jr.
God is Red by Vine Deloria, Jr.
Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann
Lakota Woman by Mary Crow Dog (adult reading)
One Church Many Tribes by Richard Twiss
Rez Life by David Treuer
Reservation Blues by Sherman Alexie
The Absolute True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie
The Education of Little Tree by Forest Carter (fiction)
The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee by David Treuer (excellent comprehensive work)
Trail of Tears: The Rise and Fall of the Cherokee Nation by John Ehle
What Every Church Member Should Know about Poverty by Bill Ehlig & Ruby K. Payne, Phd.
When Helping Hurts by Steve Corbett & Brian Fikkert
Whiteman’s Gospel by Craig Stephen Smith


Education of Little Tree (excellent family movie)

Smoke Signals (for adult viewing—movie made by Native Americans about Native Americans.  Will give you insight into how the history of Native America affects the modern Indian’s struggles.)

Last of the Mohicans (There are many similarities in the traditional Cherokee culture and the Mohicans.  This film was made near Cherokee and many of the cast members were Cherokee.)

Into the West (Six hours, Produced by Stephen Spielberg) Excellent for families, some violence but made to be used in schools. Drama/documentary, historically accurate.

The Hostiles (written and directed by Scott Cooper) An authentic representation of Native peoples.

500 Nations Excellent!!!  Book also available—see above.

500 Nations is an eight-part documentary that explores the history of the indigenous peoples of North and Central America, from pre-Colombian times through the period of European contact and colonization, to the end of the 19th century and the subjugation of the Plains Indians of North America.

We Shall Remain, America Through Native Eyes, PBS Home Video 5-part series, Excellent 



Tribes by State:  http://500nations.com/tribes/Tribes_States.asp


Department of the Interior List:    http://www.census.gov/pubinfo/www/FRN02.pdf

Alphabetical list of Tribes in Lower 48 and Alaska:

Updated on June 21, 2023

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