Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is an ecumenical, Christian ministry whose purpose is to build homes and communities in partnership with low-income families in communities across North America. A growing number of PCA churches are working with Habitat for Humanity as a means of outreach and ministry among people in lower income communities. MNA encourages PCA churches to explore this opportunity for community involvement.

The skills required for home building provide opportunities for people to become involved in ministry using gifts and talents they may not have previously used in ministry. In addition, at the commitment level made by churches in Miami-Dade, the ministry has moved well beyond home building only, opening up many opportunities for personal ministry with the families and others in the community for whom the homes are built. Because of their involvement with Habitat over the years, along with their commitment to the PCA, Anne Manning and Bob Rosasco will be happy to give you further information and help you connect with the Habitat staff serving your community.

For more information, contact Habitat for Humanity at 305-634-3628, or email Anne Manning at Anne.Manning@miamihabitat.org.

If your church participates in Habitat for Humanity, let us know. Call 678-825-1235.

Two PCA churches in Tulsa OK are active with this minister. For more information, contact Justin Pickard, 918-813-1402, jwpickard@hotmail.com or Felix Belanger, 918-625-5974,felix.belanger@cox.net.

A Recommendation to the PCA

As long-time Habitat activists we strongly recommend that our fellow PCA churches get involved with Habitat. It  is the leading Christian ministry in the world that builds homes for people in need. Here in Miami-Dade county a number of PCA churches have been building Habitat homes for years.  And last year six PCA churches banded together to finance a home and also provide the volunteers necessary to build it. Every building project has strengthened the respective churches and given the membership a unique and exciting way to reach out and do mercy ministry. It teaches servanthood in a meaningful way and provides a great time of fellowship for members. When a congregation builds a home it gives a pastor many opportunities to preach on servanthood and mercy ministry to the congregation and witness to the many volunteers outside the church at the building site.  We feel that every PCA church would have an uplifting outreach experience if it got involved in building a Habitat home.

Anne Manning is executive director of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Miami, one of the top-producing affiliates in the country. She has served with Habitat for more than ten years. She attends Granada Presbyterian.

Bob Rosasco was the founding first president of Miami-Dade Habitat. He serves on the board and supervises PCA sponsored house building. He is an Elder at Kendall Presbyterian.

Updated on June 15, 2020

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