What Is Your Cultural IQ?

“Cultural Intelligence is the ability to function effectively across various cultural contexts.” – Resilient Ministry

“Our tendency is to focus on what we can see, but cultural intelligence requires that we explore what lies below…a positive engagement with the culture and the exhibition of God’s shalom becomes a significant act of witness to the world.”  – Many Colors

Is your ministry context one in which you interact with a wide variety of people and cultures? Or…do you feel like you don’t interact enough with people who are different than you? Finding out about your “cultural IQ” is a stepping stone to deepening and enriching relationships with others who are different than you. MNA is offering the opportunity to take the Intercultural Development Inventory followed by an individual debrief of the results, including a personalized development plan you can use going forward. There is a cost for this service, but it’s an investment well worth making if you want to grow in this crucial area of life and ministry. You can read here for more information, or contact Ann Powers at idi@pcanet.org.

Updated on June 15, 2020

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