Who Are We Looking For?

(Who Makes a Good Church Planter?)

Men who feel a strong call to church planting and who are affirmed in that calling by other believers and by the church. There is a passion for the glory of God and the work of His Kingdom; a passion for fulfilling the Great Commission and a vision for a Great Commission Church that includes reaching the many diverse people groups of a given community.

Men of integrity and maturity in the faith. Men who are humble, repentant, broken, grace/gospel centered, who are praying and manifest the fruit of the Spirit. Men who are strong husbands and fathers with families who are growing in grace and committed to church planting as well.

Men who are looking for challenge; to attempt something so big for God that unless He is in it it is doomed to failure. Men with a pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit. Men who are ready and even eager to make sacrifices for the work of the Kingdom and the glory of Christ. Men who are eager to reach the many diverse people groups of North America and have their churches reflect the demographics of their community.

Men who have the heart of Christ for reaching lost, broken, hurting people (Matthew 9:37). Men who are eager to plant a church that is engaged with the unchurched and different cultures and who are involved with the community as salt and light. Men who are committed to ministering to people in both word and deed and have a track record of fruitful evangelism.

Men who are gifted to effectively communicate the gospel and minister God’s word to both believers and non-believers, both from the pulpit and one-on-one. Men who preach expository sermons that are Christ/gospel centered and communicate in a personal, passionate, and practical manner.

Men who are strong, servant leaders; who are visionary pioneers able to “chart a course” and inspire others to follow him as he follows Christ, in character and ministry. Men who tend to be starters and gatherers. Men who able to raise up and equip other leaders, who can effectively manage the affairs of a church ministry, and work well with other leaders. Men  able to handle conflict and disappointments with maturity, wisdom, and grace.

Updated on July 14, 2020

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