Congratulations to LAMP Graduate Brian Lum Shue Chan

LAMP is excited to highlight one of our 2020 Graduates!

Congratulations Brian Lum Shue Chan 

December 2020 LAMP Seminary Graduate

Covenant Palm Bay FL Learning Site

Prior to LAMP, Brian was working Bi-Vocationally supplementing his part time ministry position at his local church with other work. Having a wife and four children he wondered how it would be possible to continue doing vocational ministry, provide for his family and stay engaged in his local church. According to Brian, LAMP was the perfect solution for him! The quality of the education allowed him to grow in his effectiveness in ministry. Because the program was made for the working person, Brian could continue to provide for his family and be present as a father and husband. Their church also benefited as he did not have to leave the area to pursue education. The most beneficial part of LAMP for Brian was that his education was integrated into the local church setting where the leadership and the congregation could encourage, coach, and confirm his gifting and calling.

Congratulations to Brian and Family!

Updated on February 3, 2021

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