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Congratulations to Recent Lamp seminary graduate Michael Kidd

Michael is a recent Graduate of the LAMP Bachelor’s program. Read on to find out about his experience throughout Seminary!

“The Lord placed LAMP in my path at the absolutely perfect time. I was not able to finish my bachelor’s degree at a local Baptist college due to marriage, children, work…you know, adulthood in general. Five years later, I found myself as an intern of Christ Church Conway, wanting to go back to school, then to seminary, and on to pastoral ministry. But none of the avenues I sought out seemed to allow the pieces of the puzzle of my life to fit together. Then my pastor told me about LAMP. It was perfect. It allowed me to have the ideal seminary experience. I was able to continue to work to support my family. I was able to care for them at home without constantly having to brush them aside. I was able to remain plugged-in to the local church that had become a home and family to me. I was able to be educated and further discipled by my pastor, Kevin Hale. And I was able to complete a Bachelor’s of Divinity for ordination.” 

Since Completing classes in May, Michael Kidd has accepted a call to pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Saltillo, MS. He will stand for ordination in October.

Congratulations Michael Kidd & Family!

Updated on October 2, 2020

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