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COVID-19 Information

Ethnos Coalition Relief Fund for Ethnic Ministries

Thousands of ethnic minority members of PCA congregations throughout North America have been affected particularly severely by the  COVID-19 shutdowns. Many worked as nannies, housekeepers, handymen, day laborers, dishwashers, busboys or home health care aides. Their jobs and their income have come to an abrupt halt, and few will qualify for any government relief. The majority lived paycheck to paycheck, and they have already exhausted their meager savings. Now they have no food to offer their children. For many, English is their second language, which makes accessing any local government assistance programs challenging if not impossible. Their church is the one place they know and trust to find help amidst crisis. This relief fund will provide temporary expanded resources for the diaconates of PCA churches that are experiencing exponential increases in need as they respond to their poor and marginalized ethnic communities, to enable them to give immediate relief to those in critical need. One of our ethnic ministries already knows of 400 of their families now with no income, and daily we learn of hundreds of others. We pray that God will move your heart to give sacrificially for these brothers and sisters in Christ whose need is immediate and for whom your gift during this crucial period may literally be life-saving. Learn more.

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COVID-19 and the MNA Office

Due to President Trump extending the timeline for limitations on gatherings through April 30, MNA’s limitations on travel and meetings that were in effect through April 17 are now extended at least through April 30.   The MNA staff will be working remotely during this time.  Be assured that the office is still in operation during normal business hours, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm EST.  You can still call 678-825-1200 for assistance.  You can also refer to the online MNA Directory if you need to reach someone specific.

A Case for Love and Mercy in the Midst of the Pandemic

Four months ago, ministry leaders among ethnic minorities within the PCA’s Mission to North America (MNA) formed a body now known as the Ethnos Coalition. We have collaborated to provide insights and practical suggestions for ministering love and mercy to our neighbors during this crisis, particularly to those ethnic minorities who may be especially vulnerable at this time. Read more.

COVID-19 and Your Church


Coronavirus Announcement from MNA Disaster Response

As you are aware the World Health Organization has declared the coronavirus (COVID-19) to be a pandemic. Churches and individuals are encouraged to stay alert and informed about the impact in their particular communities and to adhere to the recommendations of local authorities and the CDC about appropriate protocals. (CDC – What You Need to KnowHow to Protect YourselfHousehold PreparationWhat To Do If You Are Sick)

Dr. Jerry Jacob, Deacon at Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia PA and Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine at Penn Medicine; the Director of Infection Preventions at Good Shepherd Penn Partners, has written an excellent article about the coronavirus. He suggests two categories for us to think about regarding this pandemic; the first relates to wisdom and the second relates to mercy. Please click here to read this article in full.

Updated on June 15, 2020

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