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FAQs: Donating to MNA

Ways to Give to MNA

How can I give by credit card?
Gifts can be made from your credit card via MNA’s online donations site. Visit us at pcamna.org/give.
What is MNA’s recurring gift program?
A recurring gift program makes it possible to have your monthly gift automatically deducted from your checking or savings account or from your VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover credit card. You may also set up an account online under MNA’s donor portal to easily manage your recurring gifts.
How can I send my gift by check or money order to MNA?
Gifts can be sent via check or money order made payable to MNA and mailed to:

Mission to North America
P.O. Box 890233
Charlotte, NC 28289-0233

Ministry or church plant names should be clearly designated with a note accompanying the check or money order. Please note that all checks and money orders should be mailed to our secure lockbox address above. Checks and money orders sent to our physical location will be forwarded to the lockbox service for processing.

Gifts can also be sent through our recurring gift program. MNA can process automatic deductions from your checking or savings account or from your VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.
Will MNA send me a reminder if I pledge to give regularly?
MNA does not send out reminders. However, each time you make a donation, you will receive a receipt by mail or email from MNA acknowledging your gift. This will serve as a reminder for your next gift. If you plan to give every month, the easiest method is to sign-up through our recurring gift program using either your checking or savings account or credit card. Once the recurring gift is established, you need never worry about reminders again! To start a recurring gift please click here: give.pcamna.org
What other options are available for giving besides check or recurring gift?
MNA accepts gifts-in-kind such as stock. Please contact us at mnastock@pcanet.org or call us at (678) 825-1213.
MNA also accepts donations given through an estate.
Please click here to find out more ways to give to MNA: pcafoundation.com

Taxes and Receipts

Are gifts to MNA tax deductible?
Donations made to the MNA and designated to MNA church planters and ministries are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. This includes donations for the support of church planters, MNA staff members, special appeals, and administrative services. Non-cash gifts are also deductible when handled according to IRS regulations. For your donation questions, please contact MNA Accounting staff at mnadonations@pcanet.org or call us at (678) 825-1200.
Will I receive a receipt for my donation?
A receipt will be sent each time a donation is made. Attached to that receipt is a return form and return envelope for convenience in making another donation. Receipts will be sent within a week of receiving the contribution. If a receipt is not received, please feel free to continue sending contributions. Please include a note stating designations and requesting a duplicate of the receipt. Please also contact us at mnadonations@pcanet.org or (678) 825-1200. Please note that MNA does not send invoices or reminders.
Will a summary statement of Year-to-Date Contributions be sent?
Yes. MNA Accounting Staff will provide a year-end statement which will be mailed out by January 31st for the previous calendar year. You can also access your donation history through portal.pcamna.org
The receipt/return form was not correct. What should be done?
Mistakes happen occasionally and MNA Accounting Staff makes every effort to ensure your donation has been properly handled. Please review each receipt/form for accuracy. If there is an error, please contact us at mnadonations@pcanet.org or (678) 825-1200 or indicate the error in a letter or on the return form with the next contribution. The item can then be corrected and a new receipt issued.
What is the cutoff date for receiving money at the end of the year to use it as a tax deduction on tax returns?
In order to meet IRS requirements related to contributions that qualify for inclusion in your 2023 tax return, please note the following:

§ Your check should be dated no later than December 31st.
§ The envelope must be postmarked no later than December 31st.
§ If your check is dated December 31st but the postmark on the envelope is after this date, your donation will not be counted as a 2023 donation.
§ Online donations will be accepted through 12:00 p.m. midnight Eastern time on December 31st.
§ Please transfer gifts of stock on or before Monday, December 4th for timely processing.
How is MNA held accountable for the proper use of my gifts?
A: Mission to North America (MNA) operates under the authority of the Committee on Mission to North America appointed by the PCA (Presbyterian Church in America) General Assembly. MNA undergoes quarterly internal audits as well as an annual external audit, both conducted by independent audit firms. In addition, we operate under Committee approved policies and procedures to ensure the proper handling of donations. MNA is committed to effectively steward the ministry resources provided by God and his people as well as properly report those resources with integrity.

Supporting Individual Church Planters and Ministries

Can a personal gift be sent through MNA to a church planter or staff member?
Personal gifts of money for Christmas, birthdays, etc. are personal gifts and are not tax deductible. It is preferable that these be sent directly to the church planter or staff member, but when this is not possible they can be sent to MNA. As a personal gift, the designation must be clearly noted on the return form or in a note with the gift. These will be forwarded directly to the church planter or staff member.
How do I find out the support needs of a church planter or MNA staff member?
Contacting the church planter or staff member directly is the best way to get this information. Often church planters and MNA staff members send out e-letters which give up-to-date information regarding support requirements and ministry projects for the field. You may contact them to be added to their email list.

Other Questions

What does MNA do with my name and contact information?
MNA is committed to protect the identity of its constituents. We do not share or rent our list of contributors with any other organization.
What does This contribution is made with the understanding that the MNA has complete control over the use of donated funds mean?
Complete control of a gift is necessary to give MNA discretion to use the funds as the Lord leads for the MNA mission of advancing God’s Kingdom in North America. It also is necessary for the gift to be tax-deductible to the donor per the IRS code and for MNA to record the donation as revenue per generally accepted accounting principles.
Updated on November 22, 2023

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