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Engaging disability launches two new websites

Engaging Disability With The Gospel has been hard at work creating two new websites to better serve churches and families impacted by disability.   

We have completely REDESIGNED our website at www.engagingdisability.org  

to make it more accessible, encouraging, and helpful for everyone. 


The new website features:  

  • more than 90 easily searchable, FREE resources 
  • a map to find a disability-friendly church near you 
  • an easy-to-follow Getting Started page 
  • ways you can join our team 

We are equally excited to share our SECOND NEW WEBSITE with you. In June 2018, we opened an online store. Over the past year and a half, the store has grown in size and reach.   

In response to growth, we have rebranded our store with its own name and website:  


Simply the Gospel is wholly owned and operated by Engaging Disability With The Gospel. Our store still has the same mission: to create and provide gospel-centered, uniquely adapted resources that help everyone grow.   

All sales directly support this ministry. Shop today for intentional, gospel-centered Christmas gifts for everyone and support an important ministry. www.simplythegospel.com 


Updated on December 1, 2020

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