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MNA Refugee and Immigrant Ministry participates with MNA’s ethnic minority ministry leaders in raising relief funds that are then administered through the deacons of local congregations to provide food and rental assistance for our vulnerable brothers and sisters in Christ. The video above was part of our MNA Weekly Webcast Series and features stories about the impact of the Ethnos Fund.

Culture for ESL Teachers

This video is for anyone working with refugee and immigrant youth or adults in considering their differences and needs in acculturation (cultural adjustment). You will see the stages of culture shock and experience an activity to help you consider your own experiences with cultural adjustment and your students’ experiences. The video also explains “scaffolding,” or creating appropriate supports for working with students with language needs. A case study of a refugee child illustrates the importance of learning your students’ backgrounds, as well. Finally, the video shows strategies for helping your students integrate into the community. Created by MNA ESL trainer Mariah Cunningham.

How to Teach ESL on Zoom Webinar

This two-hour webinar features segments from four experienced church ESL teachers showing how they teach on Zoom. Showing a range in technological skill levels and English class levels, the instructors show that English can be taught in multiple ways on Zoom! Viewers will learn tips for lesson plan creation, using Zoom tools, and other types of activities and classes that can be done on Zoom. Parts of this webinar are related to the ESL Teacher Training Workshop offered by MNA. 

Introduction to Using Zoom for ESL Classes

This 5-minute video explains how to transfer a program from in-person to Zoom, how to structure classes on Zoom, and an overview of how Zoom works and technical requirements. Created by MNA ESL trainer Rachael Sloan.

How to Use Zoom for ESL Classes

This 18-minute video provides an overview of teaching ESL on Zoom, including technical aspects of creating meetings, inviting participants, using screenshare and breakout rooms, and more. Created by MNA ESL trainer Rachael Sloan.

Error Correction for ESL Teachers, Part One: Keeping SCORE

A video for ESOL teachers wondering which errors they should correct, including a helpful acronym to remember them. Created by MNA ESL trainer Rachael Sloan.

Error Correction for ESL Teachers, Part Two: Correcting with Positivity

This video shows a few types of error correction options in the classroom and discusses how to avoid embarrassing or shaming students. Created by MNA ESL trainer Rachael Sloan.

Zoom on a Smartphone Tutorials

The following tutorials were created to help ESL students learn the features of Zoom on a smartphone so that they can fully participate in classes. It was originally created in simple English, but now, thanks to many volunteers, is available in Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and Bangla/Bengali

Using Zoom on your smartphone
Using Zoom on your smartphone – Spanish version
Using Zoom on your smartphone – Korean version
Using Zoom on your smartphone – Chinese version
Using Zoom on your smartphone – Bengali version
Updated on March 26, 2021

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