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Ethnos coalition Relief Funds helping communities affected by COVID

      UPDATE: Rejoice with us that as of November 30, 2020, the MNA Ethnos Coalition Relief Fund has awarded $128,400 in grants to the diaconates of 17 churches and 4 church-related non-profit organizations in 14 states across the country, whose members and communities are being disproportionately affected by both the virus itself and COVID-related job losses. From Florida to Washington State, from Wisconsin to Louisiana, from New York City and Chicago to Georgia, Texas, and Montana, dollars generously donated by PCA congregations and individual believers like YOU are at work alleviating hunger, keeping the electric on, and in some cases preventing evictions of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Above all, these contributions are assuring them that God provides for His own, often through fellow believers.

     However, even while we celebrate the good your gifts are already accomplishing and the news that a vaccine may become available soon, we anticipate that the worst of the pandemic suffering is yet ahead for many whose jobs have been discontinued.  Some of our churches in heavily-impacted areas are just beginning to realize the tremendous economic toll that COVID has had on many of their most vulnerable members. Hidden hunger is becoming visible and the devastating toll of accumulated unpaid bills due to job loss is overwhelming previously self-sufficient hardworking families. Many of these churches will soon apply to the relief fund when their own mercy resources are exhausted. And churches that applied in the spring are asking to re-apply since the acute need among their members continues to grow.

     Your gift may come at just the crucial moment for one of these families of fellow believers! To give, use the DONATE TO ETHNOS button on the MNA website: https://secure.egsnetwork.com/donate/A3372935F203410.   Consider a monthly gift, to provide ongoing support during the difficult period ahead.   Or mail checks to Mission to North America, PO Box 890233, Charlotte NC 28289-0233 with a note indicating designation to the MNA Ethnos Relief Fund. 

    To hear about the spiritual as well as physical impact that Ethnos Relief Fund grants are having, plan to tune in at 2PM on Thursday, December 3rd, for an MNA webinar on this topic hosted by Hernando Saenz, Ethnos Coalition Chair, with Joshua Charette of Great Plains Gathering (MT), Walner Pierrissaint of Berakah Community Church (FL), Brad Beier of Living Hope Church (IL) and Juan Arjona of Mission Vida Nueva (CA).  https://pcamna.org/weekly-webcast/mna-webcast-schedule/  If you’re unable to watch at that time, you can view it on the Strengthening the Church webcast archive on the MNA website.     

Updated on December 1, 2020

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