How to Customize your MNA Donation Page

Default Donation Page

When you raise funds with MNA, you have a link you can share with your donors to collect online donations. To start, the page shows the name of your fund, and can be accessed at a URL based on your fund number, such as

The donation page is designed to be easy to use and functional on all devices from mobile phones up to desktop computers.

Default Donation Page
A Default Donation Page

Customized Donation Page

You have the ability to customize this page, including changing the displayed name of your ministry and the donation page URL. You can also upload a photo, add a rich-text description with formatting and links, and pick a location to display on a map—all of which can help to make your page a more compelling resource for your prospective donors.

Customized Donation Page
A Customized Donation Page

Editing Your Donation Page

The special edit link you’ve received will take you to a form where you can change the content displayed on your page. Save that link—and treat it like a password—because you or anyone with that link can edit the contents of your donation page.

When you save the changes you make with this edit form, your donation page will be updated with these changes right away.

In the screen shots below, you can see where the content you enter on the form gets displayed on your donation page.

Edit Form with Highlighted Fields
Fields Displayed on Donation Page
Donation Page with Corresponding Content Areas
Corresponding Content Areas

Your ministry / church / fund name

You can update the name of your ministry / church / fund to something friendlier that your donors will recognize. This name will also be displayed on receipt emails that your donor receives, and—the first time you change the name—the URL of your donation page will update to match that name. In the example above, the original fund-number URL still works, but now redirects to the new URL:

Your Name and Email Address

We’ll use these to keep in touch with you about your MNA donation page, including re-sending an Edit link to this email address.

Fund Number

Double-check that this number matches your fund number, as this is how we determine where to direct funds given through your page. If you need to change this, email Jill Gamez.


Here you can write a paragraph or two to help prospective donors learn more about who you are, what you do, and what a gift to you will help support. You are welcome to use basic formatting, including headings, bold, italic, and adding links to your text, for example, linking back to your web site or other helpful resources.


Including a compelling photo of you or your ministry helps to make the page much more dynamic and interesting, and helps your donors feel more connected to you and your work. The photo will be cropped automatically depending on the size of the donor’s screen, so it helps to use a large photo that is roughly square or horizontal in orientation, and where any important details like faces are safely away from the edges of the photo that might get cropped out. If you choose not to include a photo, the donation form will expand to fill the width of the page, as shown in the default donation page.


If you’d like to include an interactive map of your location on your donation page, pick a location on the map. You can search by location name or address, or you can drag the map marker to the right spot. Removing the map location will hide the map from your page.

Updated on August 3, 2020

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