LAMP: Seminary for the Working Man

Seminary for the Working Man

LAMP Theological Seminary’s unique structure allows anyone to fulfill the training requirements of ordination while staying in their own community, serving in their own church, and keeping their current employment.

Learning Sites Across the Country

LAMP Seminary does not have one central campus but is a network of Learning Sites throughout the United States to equip students for the Gospel ministry.

One Course at a Time

LAMP students focus on one course at a time. Each course takes 6 weeks and consists of listening to a seminary lecture, reading, and memory assignments. The student meets once a week with a Course Facilitator (usually a TE) for about one to two hours to discuss the assigned material.

Developing Your Own Course Schedule

LAMP Seminary allows each Learning Site the flexibility to develop their personalized schedule of courses. This flexibility not only allows the Learning Sites to choose the order of courses they will offer but allows them to schedule courses on the dates most convenient to their schedule and personal calendar.

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Updated on June 30, 2021

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