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Two Graduate LAMP in Bangalore, India

Solid Reformed education is spars in India. Often, aspiring pastors are left to travel aboard for their educational needs. Five years ago, LAMP seminary and a church plant in Bangalore teamed up together to provide education to future pastors for the church in the city. On July 12, 2019 the Bangalore site hosted its first graduation. There were two graduates: Santhosh Kumar and Sudeep Muthyala. (read student testimonies below)

Santhosh Kumar 

I was raised in a traditional Christian family. As a teenager, I was convicted of my sin and received the grace by God to repent and believe in the salvation that Jesus brought through his death and resurrection. I am married to Elizabeth Rani. We are blessed with a daughter Keren and a son Kemuel. We live in Bangalore, India. I had sensed God’s call on my life for pastoral ministry through the local church. This led me to LAMP seminary. The very first course, “ Call to Ministry,” laid a foundation for my calling. My studies have increased my knowledge of Scripture and my relationship with God has become deeper and so real. Through learning hermeneutics and having knowledge of Greek and Hebrew languages, it helped me to establish a sound foundation in interpreting the Scripture. At the same time, I was very excited for having learnt on courses on systematic theology, church history, apologetics, Biblical Counseling, and the Old and New Testaments modules. LAMP seminary has given me all the useful tools which I will be able to effectively use it in the furtherance of God’s kingdom and well equipped to preach Christ faithfully. I am grateful to God for LAMP. I am currently pursuing an assistant pastoral role in a local church. Pray for Santhosh as he leads his wife and two older kids into a new ministry. Pray that God will open doors for him in this endeavor.

Sudeep Muthyala

Born in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, Sudeep grew up there with his parents and older sister. His parents worked at the Bangalore Baptist Hospital. While his family was active in the local church, he dropped out of school in rebellion against his family and church. “At the core of my rebellion was my anger against God,” Sudeep recounts. In God’s sovereign grace, out of his rebellion and depression, Sudeep was compelled by the Father’s love hearing the story of the Prodigal Sons. This created a hunger for God in him that lead him to LAMP. He was awed by the work of the Triune God in creation, redemption, and consummation. At LAMP graduation, he testifies to God’s work, “God in His faithfulness persuaded me and gave me a purpose to my existence, which is to glorify and enjoy Him. Now that  I see myself in this grand story, I now want to tell His good news to the lost.” During his studies, God brought Aishwarya, his now wife, into his life. Sudeep has a passion to preach God’s Word in undeveloped parts of the city of Bangalore. While working as a business consultant, they are seeking the Lord’s will on his next steps with his pastoral call. Pray for Sudeep as he works as a business consultant and keeps his eyes open for ministry later down the road, and pray for his new marriage!

Updated on June 15, 2020

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