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MNA Donation Pages: How to Create/Edit/Delete

Introduction to MNA Donation Pages

Depending on your preferred learning style, you can either view the video below or read the outline & screenshots that follow. Click on screenshots to view them larger. As always, if you have any questions about this process, please contact us at mnasupport@auxilio.partners.


We will use the following terms in the video and article:

  • Fund # – This is also referred to on the CRM side as the designation #. A designation is the purpose for which someone is giving.
  • Owner – this refers to the church planter or MNA staff who is responsible for and/or is the beneficiary of the fund/designation
A brief overview on managing MNA donation pages

Sign In to Donation Pages Admin

Donation pages are managed via the a site in the MNA WordPress infrastructure. In order to manage donation pages, you will need to sign in to the Donation Pages WordPress Admin with your WordPress account credentials.

Create a Donation Page

Once logged in, click Donation Pages on the left side. You will be presented a list of the active designations. If you are confident that the designation does not already exist, click ‘Add new’. If you want to check first, use the Search option where you can search by the designation number, elements of the name or any portion of the owner’s name.

Fill in the Title [start with the description being used in the CRM or FE], the owner’s name and email and the fund #. Check the proper Category and click ‘Save’.

Edit the giving link that has been created and replace the title with the Fund #. This is all that is necessary if you are creating a single designation page. You may Preview the page if you like. Click ‘Publish’ to activate the donation page. You will want to copy the permalink to send to the owner in your welcome email.

Once you return to the Donation Pages list, you will now see your newly created Donation Page listed. You will also see an “Edit link” which you will want to copy and send to the owner. This is the link that will allow them to add copy, a photo and/or a map link for their fund.

Edit a Donation Page

Upon receiving notice that an owner has updated their donation page, locate their page in the list and click “Edit” or click on the page name. You will immediately be in Edit mode. In this example, you can delete or modify the offending text and click ‘Update’.

Remove a Donation Page

Removing a page is extremely simple. Locate the page using Search and click ‘Trash’. If you inadvertently delete a page and need to restore it, simply view the Trash folder, locate the page and click ‘Restore’.

Create a Multiple Designation Donation Page

Ministries that have more than one fund may wish to create an additional Multiple Designation donation page that allows prospective donors to give to one or more of their funds in one gift (example: African American Ministries). To do so, create a new donation page with the relevant details as described above, and when choosing the Category for the page, choose Multiple Designations instead of Single Designation:

Multiple Designations Category

After checking the box to add the Multiple Designations category, a new Multiple Designations box will appear below the Donation Page Details box, where you can select the funds to be included as designations for the page:

Multiple Designations Field

The list of funds that you can search from are based on the list of existing Single Designation donation pages. Search for the funds you want to include in the list on the left, click on the name to add it to the list on the right. Drag items in the list on the right to rearrange the order they will appear on the Multiple Designation donation page.

Hide Single Designation Page from Search Results

If you create a Multiple Designation page for a ministry, that ministry may want to hide some of their Single Designation donation pages from the search results on give.pcamna.org so that prospective donors only see their Multiple Designation page the search results when searching for the ministry.

To hide a donation page from the search results, find the Donation Page SEO Settings box toward the bottom of the page when editing the Single Designation donation page, click on the Visibility tab, and check the box labeled, Exclude this page from all search queries on this site, then click the Update button at the top right to save your changes.

The page will still be publicly accessible when using its direct link, but it will no longer be listed when searching on give.pcamna.org.

Updated on September 8, 2020

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