MNA Church Planter & Staff Portal FAQ

The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions. We will be adding to this document over time so bookmark this article to quickly return to it.

What if I have a question about the information in my account(s) on the portal?
For questions regarding your Church Planting account(s), please contact Jill Gamez at
For questions regarding your MNA Staff account (s), please contact Stephanie Glander or Michelle Foster
For technical support, please contact Heather Dussack at
What will happen to the end of month financial summary I currently receive from MNA?
Because you will now be able to check your account balance on demand, you will no longer receive a monthly summary by email.
Will I still need to confirm my monthly distribution by email?
No. Your monthly distribution will either be your budgeted amount OR your account balance as of the 23rd of the prior month, whichever is the smaller of the two. Example – if your account balance is $20K and your budget is $10K, we will distribute $10K. If your account balance at the end of the month is $5K, we will distribute the $5K unless you specifically request that we distribute less.
I received a “Please request access to your staff account” message when I login.

When you login, the portal defaults to your Staff Account profile. You will see this message if there is no personal fundraising account currently associated with your account. In most cases it means that you have a “Ministry Accounts” profile with other accounts that you are tracking. Select “Ministry Accounts” from the Profile dropdown.

Updated on December 29, 2020

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