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Paperless-to-RE Processing instructions

This document outlines the process for exporting online gifts from Paperless Transactions, confirming the Constituent ID and formatting a file into a structure which can be imported into RE.

The process uses an Excel template called “MNA Paperless2RE Template” located on here on Sharepoint.

Background Information

The donation process assumes the following:

  • Imports into RE are currently only of settled/deposited transactions
  • Individual batches are required for unique combinations of Transaction Date and Settlement Date
  • Transaction reporting/exporting from Paperless can only be done on the basis of Transaction Date.
  • Paperless may nor update the Settlement Date until as late as mid-afternoon of the day after – Example, running the ‘Trasaction’ report in the morning on the 21st may not show transactions from the 20th.

Process Steps

Pull data from Paperless

  • Login with your credentials – https://virtual.paperlesstrans.com/Login.aspx
  • Go to ‘Generate Reports’
  • Gateway Reconciliation report – Use the default of Settlement Date; pull for yesterday; if Monday pull for Fri-Sun [one day at a time]
    • Open file(s) and check # transactions & type
    • Summary tab – totals by Credit Card & eChex
    • Reconciliation tab – Report Date should be the actual deposit date to check against bank records
      • CC transactions – Payor = MERCHANT BNKC
      • ACH transactions – Payor=PTC
  • Transaction report – Go back 10 days to previous day [ACH normally take 7 days from Transaction to deposit]
  • Open file 
  • Sort by Transaction Type, Reconciliation Date
  • Filter on Reconciliation Date = date to be processed; 
  • Confirm counts versus the Reconciliation report

Update ‘Paperless2RE Template’ spreadsheet

  • ‘Import’ tab – confirm that the date & type has not already been processed
  • ‘PT Trans’ tab – 
    • If not empty of data, remove the data from fields
    • Copy the fields from the Transaction report for the Type & Date, click on A2 and paste
  • Check in RE to see if any Constituents not identified – look at phone & email as well

Add new constituents to RE

  • Add Constituent to RE
  • Get Constituent ID to use – add Constituent at the bottom of the Email tab [DO NOT add the Constituent ID directly on the ‘PT Trans’ tab
  • Ensure that all records on ‘PT Trans’ have a Constituent ID

Review and complete ‘RE Import’ tab

  • Highlight the fields in Row 2 and drag down for the number of records in the ‘PT Trans’ tab. If there appear to be any formulas missing, please copy row 2 from the ‘RE import Copy’ tab
  • Ensure that all records have the Constituent ID
  • Review “Gift SubType” column – The value of the field has been calculated on the ‘PT Trans’ tab and referenced in the ‘RE Import’ tab. If a change is required, the column has a dropdown list attached enabling you to override the calculated value.
  • Update the ‘Import’ tab with the appropriiate dates
  • Save the worksheet

Export & Import

  • Click on ‘RE Import’ tab
  • Click ‘File’ -> “Save As”
  • .Save file with name “PT Re Import <Settlement Date>” and as a Type of CSV – Comma Delimited.
  • Import into RE
Updated on August 24, 2020

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