Chaplain Prayer Guide

For prayer requests for the other ministries of MNA please visit Intercessors. For information about praying for individual chaplains, click here to learn about the Guardian.

Please pray for the safety of Jim Carter, our Chaplain Ministries Director, as well as Associate Directors (Civilian) Michael Stewart and Associate Directors (Military) David Tubley and Mack Griffith. These men travel across the country and the world to minister to our chaplains. Pray also for Gary Hitzfeld, Administrative Assistant and Associate Director for Civilian Chaplains.

Pray for our military chaplains, as they are often called to minister in alien and foreign environments under stressful circumstances. And many times they are geographically separated from their families as well.

Pray that God would protect our chaplain families, especially during the times of their deployment. We pray that the bonds of Christian marriage might be strong in the face of these absences and transitions.

Pray that many spiritually mature and qualified men will heed God’s call into the chaplaincy.

Pray that the counseling ministries of our chaplains may provide God’s wisdom and healing in times of our soldier’s pain and confusion.

Pray that God’s ministering Holy Spirit might be present as our chaplains conduct funerals and weddings, worship services and Bible studies.

Pray that the unfortunate circumstance of war might serve as a time when eternal questions are faced, spiritual needs are acknowledged and our chaplains are prepared to offer the grace and mercy of Christ and the cross with clarity and compassion.

Pray for the growth of our Veterans Guardian Corps and Chaplain Guardian Corps. Through these organizations, may the Lord be pleased to provide moral and spiritual support for our chaplains and financial support for this ministry.

Praise God for our Veteran Affairs, hospital, and prison and jail chaplains. These men are working in environments where the message of the Gospel is so vitally and urgently needed.

Thank God for the newest group of PRCC-endorsed chaplains waiting to be assigned, as well as those just entering the field.

We are grateful to God for the many churches and individuals who support our ministry financially and with prayer.

Praise for our many wonderful chaplain families who have obeyed God’s call and serve so sacrificially in this mission field.

Updated on July 30, 2020

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