Online gifts will receive receipts through PTX. Checks received through the lockbox will be receipted using System Letters.

Note on System Email and Letter Defaults: Most options are set to off but printed letters for Donation Acknowledgment and Tribute Acknowledgement are set to on.

Note on Letter Template: The default template to use for receipts is titled “MNA Letter.” This template includes the blue banner and MNA logo.


Neon’s Documentation on System Emails and Letters

Auxilio’s Training on Receipts through System Letters – Starts at minute 34

send receipts via System Letters

Global Settings>System Letters>Donation Appreciation>View Settings&Versions

There are two steps to this process: 1) Create a system letters for each scenario. 2) Set the conditions and priority order.


To create or update a letter, click on Build a New Version.

Choose “Mail merge using an existing Neon CRM Letter template”

Select the template: MNA Letter Template. Click “next.”

Choose “Build from an Existing Letter.” Select the template you want to update.

Change/add MNA language, tokens for constituent name, gift amount and fund designation.

Name letter and give a subject. Click “Save.”

You can either save this version to finish later, or click “Ready to Send” to begin using it.


If you have multiple letter versions, you’ll need to set conditions and order them.

Click “New Letter Condition” or Edit an existing condition. Currently we have several “Don’t Send Letter” conditions, a Tribute condition, and a Large Gift condition.

Once you’ve created all your conditions, click “Edit Precedence of Conditions” to determine which conditions will be applied first. Have all “Don’t Send Letter” conditions be at the top of the list.

As lockbox batches are uploaded, letters will be generated to be merged. Letter Merges can be found on the Letter Merge widget on your dashboard. 

Go to Merges and click them all to show the different letters ready to print.

Updated on February 24, 2021

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