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Listing 1083B – MNA Refugee and Immigrant Ministry, Lawrenceville GA

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1. Organization:

Church or Ministry Name:  MNA Refugee and Immigrant Ministry
Location: Lawrenceville, GA
Ministry Leader: Pat Hatch

2. Opportunity:

Job Title:  Church-Affiliated Immigration Clinic Attorney
Job Description:  Assist immigrants to comply with US immigration laws
Paid or Volunteer:  Volunteer
Housing:  N/A
Special Qualifications:  Law degree (any field of law.) If your specialty is other than immigration law, must be willing to take a 40 hour Immigration Law overview course (in person or online.) Work with local PCA congregation or church-affiliated non-profit agency (with support from MNA Refugee and Immigrant Ministry and World Relief) to submit application for clinic site recognition. Provide basic immigration law consultations; assist in filing forms for various forms of immigration relief or benefits, including Deferred Action for Parental Accountability, Adjustment of Status, and  Naturalization.
Hours per Week:  Will vary; could be weekdays or evenings or weekends
Worksite Location:  A local PCA church or parachurch organization in your area willing to host an mmigration clinic.
Expected Length of Need:  Immediate and Ongoing

3. Contact Information:

Name:  Sherry Lanier
Title:  MNA SecondCareer Facilitator
Phone:  678-294-3012

4. About the Ministry:

One of every 7 persons in the an immigrant.  In many areas there are no trustworthy, affordable immigration legal services. Therefore, many immigrants seeking to apply for benefits for which they are eligible – such as the new program for parents of US citizen children – will fall prey to immigration scams. The US Dept. of Justice has created a program to allow non-profits – such as churches – to obtain training and recognition to provide authorized immigration services. Reliable church-operated immigration legal clinics, staffed by qualified volunteer attorneys and/or trained, accredited volunteers, can meet a genuine need and demonstrate God’s love to “the stranger,” with much Kingdom potential.


Please be advised that opportunity listings are based on information provided by the church or ministry seeking help.  MNA lists these opportunities as a service to PCA ministries and individuals, but makes no representation as to the accuracy, suitability, or availability of the opportunity and does not assess the suitability or qualifications of any participants.

MNA SecondCareer is a ministry of Mission to North America, Presbyterian Church in America

Updated on August 2, 2021

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