Streets Ministries

Experience relational evangelism through outreach and Christian education in the heart of the Cleaborn and Foote Homes Community in Memphis TN.

The mission of Streets Ministries is to serve impoverished youth in the Memphis metropolitan area by unconditionally representing the Good News of Jesus Christ in word and deed in such a way that underserved adolescents have the opportunity to see, hear, and respond to the Good News of the Gospel, and to be empowered to live a life of obedience to God.

Streets has been serving the students of the 38126 zip code, the third poorest in the country, since 1987, and in 2009, Streets launched an expansion site in the Highland Heights community. For the youth of these neighborhoods, there is easy access to drugs, high rates of teen pregnancies, an overwhelming high-school drop-out rate, and very little relational and family stability. Therefore, our goals reflect the needs of the youth that we serve. Streets provides a place for students to come and hang out after school, ensuring that they will have a safe haven with resources and support. In the afternoons, we have an open facility during which any student is welcomed into the Streets facility and is able to play games, basketball, meet friends, and have a safe place to enjoy.

“The foundation of Streets will always be about building relationships with young people and their families in order to share the Gospel and give them educational tools to take the next step in life. There are no shortcuts to this process.” – Ken Bennett, Executive Director, Streets Ministries

Program Overview
Streets touches the lives of hundreds of young people each week with a variety of programs. These programs all fall into the Streets focus of education, mentoring, and recreation in a Christ-centered environment. Some of the most enduring and successful programs are:

  • Outreach Clubs & Bible Studies
  • Pathways Mentor Program
  • Elementary Room Adopters and Ready Readers
  • Summer Institute College Preparatory Program
  • College Tours

Purpose for Streets Ministries’ Mission Projects
To expose Christian individuals to community development, mercy ministry, and issues in urban ministry and to advance the Gospel through Christian education and outreach.

Living Arrangements
The Streets Center used for short-term missions projects is located on Vance Avenue in the heart of Downtown Memphis. Streets is immediately adjacent to Foote Homes and close to the FedEx Forum.

Group Size
Groups should be no larger than 30 people per team.

Typical Schedule for a 38126 Weekend
38126 Weekend hosts groups for a weekend of service. Groups are invited to carry out an Elementary Explosion (our mini VBS program) on Saturday morning, complete a work project Saturday afternoon, and attend church in the community on Sunday. They will be seeing poverty first hand, helping to improve conditions in the community, and building relationships among residents and locals.

Streets is looking for college students who love the Lord and are passionate about mercy ministry. Interning with Streets for six weeks entails working with our elementary students, helping teach our Summer Institute College Preparatory Class, a study about the nature of urban ministry, and chaperoning a Summer Institute trip to Lookout Mountain, Georgia.


  • Interns will raise their own support ($2,000) and will be paid a stipend of $1,500 upon completion of the program.
  • Streets’ 38126 weekend costs start at around $250 per group and are adjusted according to the weekend’s activities and needs.

The fees you pay are for the sole purpose of covering costs for the ministry or church with whom you are serving; MNA receives no income or financial benefit from the fees you pay.

Ready to Get Involved? Contact…

Curt Moore
MNA ShortTerm Missions Specialist
Cell: 404-386-4586


Sherry Lanier
MNA ShortTerm Missions Facilitator

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Updated on October 25, 2021

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