State Capitol Minister


Ministry to State – State Capitol Minister


Church or Ministry Name:  Ministry to State
Ministry Leader: Thomas Eddy


Job Title:  State Capitol Minister

Job Description: 

• Evangelism and discipleship.
o Spending time with members (i.e., politicians, judges, executive branch office holders), staff and others in various places of ministry focus within the state capitol.
o This would include (but not limited to) coffee, breakfast, lunch, and dinner meetings.
• Visit with legislators / governor / justices and their staff; dropping by their offices or other meeting places as circumstances allow. Develop personal relationships with them that will assist the prayer efforts of the MTS minister and the PCA churches in the state.
o While legislators are in session, pray for and over them as they work.
o While legislators are not in session – visit them in their district offices (if they maintain one). Also, visit the PCA churches in the state informing them of your ministry efforts.
• Create regular forums that bring together small groups to consider Biblical truths along with reading and discussion groups.
o Each of the forums will add to the overall understanding of the Scriptures, its Gospel and a biblical world and life view.
o This can include but need not be limited to regular bible studies and prayer breakfasts.
• Organize, write, and develop study materials as needed.
• Contribute to and maintain a portion of MTS web site.
• Interface and partner with PCA churches in the state capital area and all the PCA churches within the state.
o Encourage them to pray for their legislators, governor, and justices.
o Provide them with specific prayer needs / requests when given liberty to share.
• Develop and maintain financial support and regularly communicate with donors.
There may be other ministry opportunities not listed here that the minister might implement.

Paid or Volunteer:  MTS views the government (WCF 23) as a mission field; therefore, a minister will need to raise full support before beginning the direct ministry in the state capitol. Salary and expenses will be determined by the cost of living in the state capital region the minister is called to. Retired military chaplains (or others with retirement / social security) may consider their retirement and/or disability pay as part of their support package if so desired.

Housing:  Not applicable.

Special Qualifications: 

  • Ordained (Teaching or Ruling Elder) or have the credentials to receive TE ordination in the Presbyterian Church in America
  • Possess strong relational and evangelistic qualities.
  • Able to build meaningful relationships in a politically and socially diverse environment.
  • Self-starter who works well independently.
  • Able to raise and maintain support (specific training and coaching is provided and is required).
  • Live within reasonable distance of the state capital

Hours per week:  40
Worksite Location (in person, virtual, etc.):  Varied.
Expected Length of Need:  Ongoing.


The following person may be contacted to find out more about this opportunity to serve.

Name:  Thomas Eddy
Title:  Director, Ministry to State
Phone:  404-694-0644

Please be advised that opportunity listings are based on information provided by the church or ministry seeking help.  MNA lists these opportunities as a service to PCA ministries and individuals, but makes no representation as to the accuracy, suitability, or availability of the opportunity and does not assess the suitability or qualifications of any participants.

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Updated on September 25, 2023

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