Students Get Ministry & Life Experience through LAMP

The LAMP Program includes 6 “Ministry and Life Experience” (MLE) courses. These courses are designed to give students credit for their ministry involvement in the local church while going through the LAMP program. The student submits the MLE Electronic Form every six months to verify their ministry involvement. 

The Ministry & Life Experience Testimonials have been so encouraging we wanted to share them with you!

Student Testimonial | Walla Walla, Wa

I focused my time on our COVID-19 response plans, posting liturgy and recordings for home worship during quarantine, establishing protocols, and setting up a livestream for our church, as well as other incidental decisions.

Student Testimonial | Sierra View Presbyterian

I have been teaching our main adult Sunday School class, having gone through Micah, and on to Jonah, before Covid19 hit. Also, I have been leading our Men’s Bible Study, most recently having explored Philippians, and then Calvin’s Institutes, book 3 together.

Student Testimonial | Panama City, FL

I began a parking lot Gospel service. I street-preach the gospel for 30 minutes on the sidewalk and I would invite others out for socially-distanced fellowship. I’ve transitioned to continuing our parking lot Gospel service once a month. I was part of the shepherding group that called to check on our members during the most intense stay-at-home orders and continue to have personal evangelism opportunities outside the church plus discipleship within our church.

Student Testimonial | Covenant Presbyterian Palm Bay

I have the opportunity to be in the homes of about 200 people/families a month. I use the training I receive to shine the light of God to all those in need. My wife and I have a virtual prayer board where we pray for all those I find that are in need of prayer.

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Updated on July 31, 2020

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