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The Nurse Said to the Chaplain, “Hurry, He’s Dying!”

Our PRCC hospital and hospice Chaplains are on the front lines of this war on an invisible enemy, COVID 19.  One of our PCA Hospital Chaplains, CH Charlie Dey, was recently featured in the online ByFaith Magazine.  In that interview, he shares what his life and ministry has been since March 2020.  

In recent conversations with our Healthcare Chaplains we have learned that they now do much more ministry with the families of the sick and dying than they are able to do with the patients, since neither has direct access to the patients.  Please be in prayer for these men and their ministries.  You can read reports and prayer requests from them in the Guardian Prayer Newsletter. You can request to receive a triannual copy by clicking here.

Updated on September 3, 2020

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