What does the PRCC Staff do?

What does the PRCC Ministry Staff do? We focus on five main areas:


We provide pastoral care to Chaplains and their family members (Shepherd the Shepherds). We support over 200 PRCC Chaplains and almost 100 Chaplains from six other conservative Reformed Presbyterian Denominations like the OPC, ARPC, RPCNA, KAPC, and KPRCC. With 18 years of sustained combat and the impact of the Global War on Terror, we are busy traveling to visit and care for our Chaplain Missionaries. We visit them at military bases or installations as well as our Hospital and Prison Chaplains in their ministry settings. Traveling to see them is critical and coordinating with local PRCC Churches to reach out to our Civilian and Military Chaplains is also critical to ensure they stay connected.


On behalf of the PRCC and the Presbyterian Reformed Commission on Chaplains and Military Personnel (PRCC), we work with the local Presbyteries to make sure we have strong Teaching Elders (TE’s) to serve in the Department of Defense and the Federal Government as well as Civilian Chaplains who require credentialing (Examples: Military, Bureau of Prisons, Hospitals, VA, Sports Teams, Corporations, and First Responders – Police and Fire Departments).


We work to make sure all our PRCC Chaplains are granted the freedom to proclaim Christ and to do so without being restricted. If there is a Religious Liberty issue, Dr. Carter represents the individual Chaplain on behalf of the PRCC and makes sure the institution does not muzzle or restrict his ability to boldly proclaim the Gospel. Our Chaplains have the right to live out their calling as representatives of their faith group and denomination based on freedom of religion and the law. We want our Chaplains to be Daniels who coordinate with others but never compromise the truth of the Gospel while serving in the King’s court.


Every PRCC Teaching Elder or Seminarian who is interested in the Chaplaincy must contact our office and discuss their calling to this mission field. We help them along with their Presbytery to process their calling, mentor them, pray with them, and coach them through any issues that might surface through their Chaplain journey. After they are approved by PRCC staff and their Presbytery, Dr. Carter writes them a Letter of Endorsement which credentials them in their new calling.


We work to make sure local PRCC congregations understand that our Chaplains are missionaries that need to be prayed for and need to be adopted or sponsored by the congregation. Churches need to put the Chaplain and his family on the Mission Board with all the other missionaries of the congregation. They need to write and call them and remember them on Sunday when they pray for their missionaries. They need to be sent Christ‐centered materials that can be distributed. They need to reach out to their family members during deployments and cover them with prayer and support.

Updated on July 9, 2020

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