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About MNA’s New Online Donation Processing Changes

The self-service donor login will return in April. Until then, MNA can assist you in making changes to your existing recurring donations. Read more information below.


As part of our broader efforts to streamline our systems, MNA is changing its online donation process. This change has already begun through the introduction of new online donation pages, and will be completed in 2021.

If you have previously set up a recurring gift, no action is needed. You will simply notice that beginning September 4, your emailed receipt looks different (see example below), and the description on your credit card or bank statement will read: Mission to N America.

If you give one-time or regular gifts online, please use the new link provided by the ministry you support, or search for the ministry and donate through MNA’s new donation pages.

How to change your recurring donation or payment details

As of September 3, the donor login link to you previously used to access your account and make changes will no longer be active. In April, we will launch a new site to sign in and make these changes, and we will link to that new site from our web site and this page. Until then, if you need to make changes to a recurring gift or update your payment information, please contact MNA or email mnadonations@pcanet.org, and we can assist you in making those changes.

Do not send sensitive information like account numbers via email. MNA will not ask you for payment information over email.

If You Have Questions or Need Help

If you have questions about the online donation process, refer to our FAQ about donating to MNA. You can also email mnadonations@pcanet.org with other questions about these changes.

Example New Donation Receipt

An example of MNA’s new donation receipt emails.
Updated on April 14, 2021

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