MNA Disaster response FAQ

What is the mission of MNA Disaster Response?

 The mission of MNA Disaster Response is to coordinate the response of the PCA to disasters in the US and Canada as assigned by the General Assembly.

The vision of MNA Disaster Response is to see every PCA member, church and presbytery prepared for the certain coming disasters.

Why is this ministry important?

Disaster response is unrivaled in the opportunities for the advancement of God’s Kingdom through powerful mercy ministry. God is at work through disasters blowing away, washing away, or burning away barriers to the Gospel, giving His church the opportunity to show His Love by serving those impacted.

What qualifications are needed to serve with MNA Disaster Response?

 A heart for the Gospel and a desire to help and serve those impacted by disasters qualifies anyone to serve.

What are some specific ways a person can serve through MNA Disaster Response?

 There are three basic ways to serve with MNA Disaster Response:


  • that the Kingdom of God will grow through this
  • for God to meet all of the needs of MNA Disaster
  • that more churches and presbyteries will partner with MNA Disaster Response to both prepare for and respond to the inevitable
  • Use this Prayer Guide to help pray for the ministry of MNA Disaster


  • MNA Disaster Response is dependent upon churches and individuals who are willing to partner through giving; click here to partner


  • Participate in an MNA Disaster Response training event for disaster preparedness and response.
  • Register as a disaster response volunteer.
  • When a disaster event occurs, be ready to answer the call!

If I register as a disaster response volunteer does that commit me to serve?

Registering as a disaster response volunteer and completing the background screening does not COMMIT the individual to serve, but simply CLEARS them to serve.

Who will MNA Disaster Response help?

MNA Disaster Response serves at the invitation of presbyteries, the local church and other PCA organizations to help any and all impacted by disaster events. When the needs presented by a disaster outweigh the resources of the local presbytery, church or PCA organization, MNA Disaster Response stands ready to assist by helping the local leadership to meet the needs of the following:

  • The physical church plant – as worship is central to healing in a disaster-broken
  • The church pastor(s) and staff members – who are generally out taking care of the needs of the other
  • The members of the congregation – helping the deacons to assist the
  • The greater community of the church – partnering with the local church as it reaches out in mercy ministry to those beyond the

If I become a disaster response volunteer will I be required to serve at a disaster site any time I am called?

No; volunteers serve based on their availability and desire to serve. When a disaster occurs and the needs presented by the disaster event are paramount enough for the mobilization of disaster response volunteers, the registered disaster response volunteers are notified that there is a need for their services. The volunteers then pray and determine if this is a time and place where they are available to serve.

How far will I have to travel to respond?

The volunteer determines how far they are willing to travel.

How long will I have to stay on the disaster site?

 The length of time you serve depends strictly upon your availability to serve and the request of the disaster Site Manager. Volunteers serve by the day, week or sometimes longer depending upon their particular life circumstances.

How can I learn more about MNA Disaster Response?

To learn more about MNA Disaster Response click here for an MNA Disaster Response Booklet that gives more detailed information about this vital ministry.

Updated on February 9, 2022

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