How to Volunteer with MNA Disaster Response

Thank you for your interest in serving with MNA Disaster Response! We will be delighted to help get you signed up as a disaster response volunteer!


  • Volunteer Registration is open every day, all day long, all throughout the year. You can register at any time. To register, simply click here. When a disaster hits we will pull a list of those individuals and teams that have registered and notify them of the need for volunteers. When a disaster strikes we will publish the need for volunteers on our website,
  • Volunteer Registration includes a background screening. This background screening does not COMMIT the individual to serve but simply CLEARS the individual to serve. This screening is good for 36 months of service with MNA Disaster Response.
  • All scheduling is based on space availability at the Volunteer Staging Site. Volunteers are scheduled on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.
  • Click here for a FAQ with more information about volunteering with MNA Disaster Response.

If scheduling a team:

The first step is to have each person who desires to serve on your team register as a disaster response volunteer. This registration process includes a background screening that clears the individual to serve and is good for 36 months. Click here for the link. We also have a FAQ and a Volunteer Mobilization Sheet with more detailed information if you like.

Second, once your team members have registered and completed their background screening, the team leader should simply email to the following info:

  • Your Church/Org Name (including city/state) :
  • Team Leader Name:
  • Team Leader Email
  • Team Leader Cell:
  • Dates Requested to Serve:
  • Number on Team (with breakdown of men/women):

Once we receive that info we will work with your team leader to place your team on the schedule to serve.=-)

If serving as an individual and are not associated with a team, the process is the same as above. We will work to help place you with a team that is scheduled to serve on the dates you request.

If you have any additional questions, please email Sherry Lanier.

Updated on February 9, 2022

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