MNA Disaster Response Volunteer FAQ


Who should register

  • Each individual who desires to serve as a MNA Disaster Response Volunteer mus
  • register, even if serving on a team.
  • The registration process includes a background screening which CLEARS the individual to
  • serve; it does not COMMIT the individual to serve.
  • You can register on our website here.

If I had a background screening done at my church do I have to do that again with MNA Disaster Response?

  • Yes; due to privacy concerns that information cannot be shared between entities


How do I get scheduled to serve?

After you have registered and completed the background screening, decide where and when you would like to serve. If serving on a team contact your Team Leader; if serving as an individual contact the MNA Disaster Response Facilitator ( with requested dates to serve. The Facilitator will confirm space availability and place team or individual on Volunteer Staging Site Schedule. (See ‘MNA Disaster Response Volunteer MobilizationProcess’ for more information.)

Is there an age limit to serve?

  • •Yes. All volunteers must be 15 years of age or older to serve.

Can only men serve?

  • •NO! Men, women, and teens over age 15 can serve.

Are there physical limitations?

  • Expectant mothers, those with heart issues or respiratory conditions or any other medical issues should check with their physician before registering to serve.


What does it cost to serve?

  • MNA Disaster Response charges no fees to serve.

Do I get reimbursed for my expenses?

  • No. Volunteers are responsible for their own travel and meal expenses.

Do I have to have insurance?

  • Yes. If you are not currently insured, short term policies are available at a minimal cost. Simply

Google on ‘short term mission insurance’ to see a wide-variety of options.


What will I be doing?

  • This will vary depending on the site where you serve. Each site has a Site Coordinator who sets the scope of work for all volunteers.

Where will I stay?

  • Lodging with separate sleeping quarters for men/women is provided at our Volunteer Staging

Sites; all volunteers bring bedding (no queen-sized air mattresses please) and are asked to come in a ‘self-contained’ state, meaning you are responsible for your own meals.

What about meals?

  • Volunteers are responsible for their own meals. Each site has a kitchen that can be used for meal prep.

What do I need to bring?

  • Each site will have a Site Fact Sheet that will list items suggested to bring; that sheet is emailed once the team or individual is scheduled.

If I fly in to the site is there transportation from the airport?

  • All volunteers are responsible for all ground transportation where serving including getting from airport to the site and from the site to the airport.

Do I need immunizations?

  • Although not required, it is highly suggested that each volunteer have a tetanus immunization within the past five years.
Updated on February 9, 2022

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