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Metanoia Prison Ministries Courses

bible studyLevel 1 – Course 1: Ultimate Questions. This is a study of John Blanchard’s pamphlet entitled Ultimate Questions. This course presents God as the Great Creator and Redeemer of this world. (6 Booklets; 12 Lessons)

prisoner readingLevel 1 – Course 2: Biblical Christian Truths. This course is a biblically-based overview of the major doctrines of the Bible: The Doctrine of God, Man, Jesus Christ, Salvation and the Kingdom of God.  (14 Booklets; 17 Lessons)

prisoner at churchLevel 2 – Course 1: Am I Good Enough? This course is a biblically-based in-depth study of salvation by grace, God’s justice and mercy, the fall, reconciliation, call, repentance, saving faith, justification, sanctification, perseverance, and the Christian life.  (8 Booklets; 15 Lessons)
bible study 2

Level 2 – Course 2: All Things Under His Feet. This course is a study of the book of Ephesians using John Stott’s book entitled The Message of Ephesians. (7 Booklets; 11 Lessons)

writingLevel 2 – Course 3: Learning to Live a Godly Life. This course is a study of the book of James, using Gordon Keddie’s book The Practical Christian. (7 Bookles, 7 Lessons)


prisoner praying 2Metanoia Meditations – Building Blocks. A number of the courses come with a daily devotional worksheet designed to help the students meditate and memorize specific passages of the Bible. Each set of Metanoia Meditations is 14 days long.

Whenever students are waiting for a lesson to be graded, they have these building blocks to keep them occupied and in the Word of God.

Request a Course
Do you have a member of your church or family in prison? Are you working with someone who is in prison?

Contact Metanoia Prison Ministries Correspondence Course Facilitator Shelly Marshall at 704-740-9702 or smarshall@pcanet.org and we will send:

-Level One – Course 1-
-Student Application-
-Overview of Ministry-
-Ministry Brochure-

Updated on June 15, 2020

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