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Prison Ministries Testimonials

“I have been encouraged by being an instructor for a Metanoia prisoner. As I read and grade each lesson, I am reminded again what a great God we serve. He can use me, a saved sinner, to reach other sinners who need to hear of His amazing grace.” – Donna, a pastor’s wife in Virginia
“As the busy parents of a preschooler, we felt the call of God to share the Gospel, but weren’t sure how to accomplish it with the little time we have. Metanoia offers a wonderful way for us to share the love of Christ with prisoners. By investing about half an hour a month, we’re able to correspond with prisoners and encourage them in their walk with God. Just the little we’re able to do means so much to these men—and we’ve also been tremendously blessed by their enthusiasm and commitment to learning more about God and His Word. We’re looking forward to participating even more in Metanoia’s programs in the coming years.” – Aaron and Shannon

From a prisoner in California serving a life sentence:

Ron and Kim,

Thank you for being with me through this study. Thank you for sharing your experiences, family and the men at PV with me. I look forward to continuing with you through level 2.

I came to realize how special it truly is to have instructors, mentors, etc. to go through the journey with me. There is a personal touch that is not found in any other ministry course like this. I am involved in Crossroads, but after each lesson it is a different instructor responding so they never really can give you feedback on personal growth. As I have gone through this, I find myself wanting to do what you and Ron do. When I am eventually paroled and if it is God’s will, I would love to get involved in Metanoia Ministries as an instructor. I would be paroling to Plumas County which is really close to Susanville and with two prisons there maybe they could use instructors. We will see. Thank you again and I hope all is well with you and your family. -Darren

From another prisoner in California serving a life sentence:

Metanoia’s program began with the most basic concepts of faith and what it means to be a Christian. Through those first lessons I began to realize how awesome it is to have Christ in my life more and more. Metanoia also provided me with a mentor/instructor who quickly became my friend and has given generously of his time and experience to guide my walk with the Lord. Rick, my mentor, not only grades my lessons and returns them to me, he also writes personal letters filled with friendship and further encouragement to increase my growth spiritually. I know that none of us is ever done learning, and I certainly have a long way to go, but I look forward to continuing the journey. Metanoia Ministries has done this for me because it is not just lessons in a book. Metanoia’s true asset is the people involved who guide through knowledge and example. I will be forever grateful that my friend recommended Metanoia to me.

-Timothy Paul Busch

Testimony of Former Prisoner Gary Green on how Metanoia Ministries has affected his life.


From a Ruling Elder in CA:

Rick and his family are all involved in supporting and praying for a prisoner as he grows in Christ..
Mark Casson and Timothy Busch, Soledad Prison, 1995Mark Casson and Timothy Busch, 2011

I am thankful to God that my family is involved in Metanoia Ministries. Through this simple ministry, my wife, my two sons and I have an opportunity every month to be a blessing to a Christian brother who is behind prison walls. Although it is very flexible, here’s how it typically plays out in our lives. Each month, we receive a Bible study lesson that has been filled out by our student, whose name is Tim. Although I’m responsible to grade Tim’s answers and give him written feedback to help him grow in his faith, I have at times included my family in this process. In this way, not only do we all get to know Tim and his spiritual needs better, but we also learn as we talk about our faith together as a family. Our favorite part of the ministry has become something that is not even required — the letter writing. We began sending notes and letters to Tim, and he began doing the same, so that now we eagerly look forward to hearing from him. We read his letters aloud as a family and then, one at a time, each of us will pray for Tim. Fathers, imagine what it sounds like to hear your sons (or daughters) praying for the strength and encouragement of a Christian brother in prison who is in need. Metanoia Ministries has provided me that joy. Above all, I believe in my heart that our Savior is pleased by such childlike steps to show His love to a needy prisoner who is our brother in Christ. I can only hope and pray that many other families and individuals will join in this wonderful opportunity.
-Rick, a Ruling Elder in California

Updated on July 16, 2020

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