How a Church Does Metanoia

Let the Discipleship Begin
Everything begins with our correspondence course ministry. Male and female Christian prisoners across America send us a completed New Student Application to enroll in our Bible curriculum.

All of our new students learn about Metanoia Ministries through prison chaplains, current students, affiliate churches, prison newsletters, and concerned Christian parents.

When we receive a new student application, we enter that student into our database, create a student profile, and match them with a personal instructor. All of our personal instructors are members in good standing of affiliate churches who have been approved by their leaders.

Growing & Mentoring
As the student and the instructor work together to complete each lesson, the church is being faithful to her commission, the instructor and the student are growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, and a Christian bond is being forged! The testimonies of student and instructor alike reflect just how powerful and meaningful these discipleship relationships become in short order.

When a student has completed our Level One courses (Ultimate Questions & Biblical Christian Truths) and is within 2 years of their release, they are eligible to apply for Christian mentor.

The role of the mentor is to meet regularly with the Christian prisoner (usually once a month) to assist them in preparing a comprehensive plan for reintegration. While each situation will be different, concerns would include housing, employment, transportation, strained relations, family concerns, parole stipulations, besetting sins, and becoming a vital member of the church.

The day finally arrives for one of our students to come home to a new life in Christ. Every situation is different. In some cases, a student doesn’t need much help because they have a strong support them already set up to assist them in every way.

In other cases, a student may have a few of the important components in place like housing and transportation, but they need our help in finding a strong church and gainful employment.

Usually, however, there is little or nothing left. The old habits, the old friends, and the old troubles must all be forsaken and replaced with “the new!” Where does “the new” come from? This is where the mentor, Metanoia Ministries, and the local church work together to develop a comprehensive parole plan to ensure the student’s successful transition into the church and the community.

Updated on June 15, 2020

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