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Church Planting Print and Online Resources

Media and Publications


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MNA Online

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Some helpful reading material

Church Planter Orientation Manual

This MNA manual was created to help our new church planters get up and running. You find information about fundraising, budgeting, organizing as a particular church, and more.

Planting an Orthodox Presbyterian Church

This links to a manual by our sister Reformed denomination The Orthodox Presbyterian Church rather than the PCA, but it contains helpful content for church planting.

Church Plant Survivability and Health Study, Center for Missional Research, North American Mission Board

Church Planter Wives

Demographics for Church Planters


Church Planting – Administrative Resources

  • 2018 Call Package Guidelines. Through this document, PCA Retirement & Benefits, Inc. seeks to serve our churches by providing best practice guidance regarding the content and structure of a minister’s compensation package. It is also intended to provide instruction about other important human resource issues affecting PCA ministers.

Child Safety Policy

Church Launch Resources

Portable Church. A resource for your new church plant launch or your change in worship locations: Portable Church simplifies and streamlines the proper amplification for buildings of all kinds, tailoring your equipment and storage solutions to your situation.

Working with Core Groups 

Core groups, defined simply as a group of people who want a new church started in their community, are often an excellent catalyst for the launching of new churches. This is a resource for the Presbytery MNA Chairmen, Network Directors, Church Planters, and other key leaders in the PCA in working with core groups across North America so that many more biblically healthy churches are planted to the glory of God.

Multi-Site Church Planting: Notes from the 2007 Conference

Why is multi-site church planting so popular? And what exactly does “multi-site” ministry mean and look like in practical terms? These notes from the 2007 conference on multi-site church planting shares different models of multi-site ministries in use around the PCA and elsewhere, their benefits, and how to determine if this might be a model you can use in your environment in order to extend the Kingdom through church planting.

Updated on March 8, 2024

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